St. Andrew’s Day 2021: Google doodle celebrates National Day of Scotland

St. Andrew’s Day 2021: Google doodle celebrates National Day of Scotland

Today’s Doodle, created by guest artist Fran Caballero of Glasgow, Scotland, honours St. Andrew’s Day, Scotland’s official national day. With motifs that depict major components of Scottish culture and heritage, the artwork pays honour to this yearly festival.

The Loch (Gaelic for “lake”) Ness in the Scottish Highlands is very real, despite the existence of a brontosaurus-like creature in its waters being the stuff of legend and fiction. These stunning depths, as well as the ancient legend that surrounds them, are depicted in the upper left of the Doodle artwork. Loch Ness is one of the deepest bodies of water in the United Kingdom, reaching over 800 feet in some places!

A red squirrel, one of Scotland’s most beloved wildlife, is depicted in the lower left corner. The thistle, Scotland’s national flower for nearly 500 years, is depicted in the artwork’s centre as an enduring symbol of St. Andrew and Scottish patriotism. On the far right panel, a mediaeval castle is represented, with iconic Celtic architecture.

He was one of Jesus Christ’s twelve disciples, chosen to follow him closely. He was afterwards made the patron saint of Cyprus, Scotland, Greece, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, San Andres Island in Colombia, Saint Andrew in Barbados, and Tenerife (Spain).

Saint Andrew’s Day is said to have begun during the reign of Malcolm III. The ritual ‘slaughter of animals,’ linked with Samhain, was considered to have been moved to this date to ensure that enough animals were kept alive for the winter.

Andreasnacht is the German name for the feast day, Andreasgebet is the Austrian name, Andrzejki is the Polish name, and Andrew’s night is the Russian name. It’s also Scotland’s official flag day.

Happy St. Andrew’s Day, everyone!

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