Global Support: Which Countries Recognize Palestine?

Global Support: Which Countries Recognize Palestine?

Spain, Ireland and Norway announced on May 28 that they would recognize a Palestinian state. This is a major step towards the Palestinian goal of gaining its own state amid the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas.

Several other European countries have indicated in recent weeks that they plan to recognize a Palestinian state, arguing that a two-state solution is essential to sustaining peace in the region.

Each country’s decision could serve as an impetus for recognition of a Palestinian state by other European Union countries.

Seven member states of the 27-nation European Union have officially recognized the Palestinian state, and about 140 of the 190 countries represented at the United Nations have already recognized it, the Associated Press reported. Ta.

As the war with Hamas continues, pressure on Israel mounts, with the United Nations General Assembly on May 11 expressing support for a full membership vote granting new “rights and privileges” to Palestine. was approved.

Why is it important that new European countries recognize Palestine as a state?

In 1947, a United Nations plan called for the establishment of a Jewish state alongside a Palestinian state, but the The Palestinians and the entire Arab world rejected the plan because it would have given them less than half of their land, even though they had – That’s one-third of the population, according to the Associated Press.

The Arab-Israeli War the following year resulted in Israel gaining even more territory. Jordan controls the West Bank and East Jerusalem, and Egypt controls Gaza.

Israel captured all three of her territories in the 1967 war, and decades of on-and-off peace negotiations failed.

The United States, Britain, and other Western countries supported the idea of ​​establishing an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel as a solution to the Middle East conflict. But both countries believe that the establishment of a Palestinian state must be a negotiated solution.

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