Qixi Festival 2023: Google doodle celebrates the Double Seventh Festival

Qixi Festival 2023: Google doodle celebrates the Double Seventh Festival

There is a strong sense of love in the air! The yearly Doodle for today honours Qixi Festival 2023. Taiwan (along with other Asian cultures) celebrates this occasion, which is also known as the Double Seventh Festival, Magpie Festival, or Night of Sevens. Every year on this day, which falls on the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, couples old and new show their love for one another.

The origins of the Qixi Festival can be found in an old folktale about the weaver girl Zhinü and the cowherd Niulang. There are various tales of their love story, but one that is frequently told is as follows: One day, Niulang’s old cow foretold the assembly of a group of lovely fairies at a nearby spring. Zhinü, the celestial weaver, was one of the fairies. Niulang stole her magical clothing that enabled her to return to heaven and transformed her into an earthly lady after falling in love at first sight. They married and had two children.

When Zhinü’s parents learned of this information, they dispatched heavenly guardians to bring her home. The Silver River (or the Milky Way), which was made by Zhinü’s mother, blocked Niulang from pursuing her while wearing a flying coat. Luckily, the magpies were so moved by their fervour that they banded together and built a bridge over the celestial river to help them in getting back together. Zhinü’s father was moved by this occurrence and agreed to let the two lovers’ annual meeting on the seventh day of the seventh month.

Traditions associated with the Qixi Festival include cosy date nights, handmade gift exchanges, operatic productions that tell the folktale, and more. On this day, singles who are looking for love also flock to Yuelao temples, where the God of matchmaking is revered, to pray for luck in finding their ideal partner.

Happy Qixi Festival to all!


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