Google doodle celebrates St. George’s Day 2024

Google doodle celebrates St. George’s Day 2024

This handcrafted doodle celebrates St. George’s Day 2024, celebrating the old British story of St. George and his exploits.

Legend has it that a greedy and vicious dragon destroyed the city of Silene in Libya. Each day, the dragon required the townspeople to sacrifice two sheep to satisfy its never-ending hunger. And when there were no more sheep to sacrifice, humans were sent in their place. In the end, the king’s daughter was chosen as the tribute. When everyone looked grim, St. George came to the rescue and slew the dragon with his spear. The king promised the hero treasure, but St. George refused and instead gave gold to his people.

In honor of his bravery, people in England celebrate St. George’s Day each year with festivals, parades, parties, and concerts. St. George’s symbol, a white flag with a red cross, flies high on the street. All over the world, many people exchange red roses and wear them on their chests. This is also another way to honor your patron saint.

Happy St. George’s Day!

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