Top 5 countries with the world’s largest urban populations

Top 5 countries with the world’s largest urban populations

The global trend towards urbanization is accelerating, with more than half of the world’s population now living in urban areas. This represents a significant increase from just one-third in 1950, and there are predictions that by 2050 this will increase to more than two-thirds. In this context, achieving sustainable development requires effectively managing urban growth and building sustainable cities around the world.

Approximately 56% of the world’s population, a total of 4.4 billion people, currently live in urban centers. This demographic shift is important because cities account for more than 80% of the world’s GDP. Analysts supporting urbanization cite several arguments in favor of urbanization. They point out that urbanization generally benefits individuals because of the large income gap between urban and rural areas. According to a study published by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), urban households in China typically earn about three times as much as rural households.

Check out the 5 countries with the most urban populations in the world.

5. Belgium

Percentage of urban population: 98%

Belgium is a small and densely populated European country. The country’s economy changed from agriculture to manufacturing. Belgium’s GDP reached $583.4 billion in 2022. The country’s medium-sized cities have developed into metropolitan areas, with 98.15% of the population currently living in urban areas.

4. Qatar

Percentage of urban population: 99D%

Qatar is an Arab country characterized by an arid desert landscape and a vast coastline with beaches and dunes. The country is mainly dependent on oil exports. Currently, the tourism industry is also expanding. The majority of the population is made up of workers living abroad. Qatar’s GDP in 2022 was recorded at $236.3 billion. The country ranks second on the list of countries with the highest urban population in the world.

3. Monaco

Percentage of urban population: 100%

Monaco is a small Mediterranean country known for its tourism, casinos, horse racing, and banking. The country’s GDP in 2022 was $8.784 billion. Monaco’s entire population lives in urban areas. It is also a popular holiday destination throughout the year, especially for wealthy people, and its most famous casino is the Place du Casino.

2. Kuwait

Percentage of urban population: 100%

Kuwait is a small Arab emirate located between Saudi Arabia and Iraq. A significant portion of the country’s population lives in the capital, Kuwait City. Kuwait is highly dependent on oil production, and its economy is centered around oil production and processing. The entire country is urbanizing. Kuwait’s GDP in 2022 was $175.4 billion. In 2023, the country’s economic growth slowed, mainly due to OPEC+ production quota cuts and the global economic recession, and overall GDP decreased by -0.1%.

1. Singapore

Percentage of urban population: 100%

Singapore is economically prosperous, with a per capita gross national income of USD 70,810 in 2023. It is known for its business-friendly regulations and provides a favorable environment for local entrepreneurs. Singapore ranks first on the list of countries with the most urban populations in the world. In 2022, Singapore’s urban population reached her 5,637,022 people, an increase of 3.36% over the previous year.

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