Navratri 2022: Why Garba is an excellent exercise for your health

Navratri 2022: Why Garba is an excellent exercise for your health

A variety of colours and a festive mood fill the air during the Navratri season! In various regions of the nation, where Navratri is celebrated in a variety of ways, the spirit of celebration and fervour is at its height. Garba, a powerful Gujarati dance form that is performed in a community setting, is one of the most well-known traditions throughout this nine-day holiday period. Even though garba is a lot of fun, it also has a deeper significance during the holiday season and offers a number of health benefits.

Dance styles including Bhangra, Bollywood, and Zumba have recently made their way into the fitness world. But lovely women, even Garba is a workout.

Five reasons why playing garba can be a great workout  during Navratri and beyond:

1. You may have fun working out with garba –

For general health, the expert suggests moving your body for an hour each day. What could be better than discovering an exercise you enjoy? A great approach to strengthen your muscles and burn a lot of calories is to dance to the music with your pals,

Rough calculations show that playing Garba for an hour burns between 500 and 600 calories. So now you know if you’ve ever wondered if Garba can aid in weight loss. “To lose 2-3 kg a month, you need to be in a calorie deficit and by simply playing Garba and not changing anything in your diet, you’re on track to lose that 2-3 kg,” the expert said.

2. Garba can improve your lung and heart health –

This form of dance uses continuous, rhythmic movement of big muscle groups to develop the heart and lungs, much like any other aerobic exercise. According to an expert, “Your breathing plays a big role in all your workouts, thereby engaging your core muscles.”

3. Core strength –

Partner dances with the Garba sticks really enable you to focus on your abs and obliques. Stronger core muscles not only mean better stability but also mean easier pregnancy for women. You’ll literally feel the burn on your core the next day, a specialist says.

4. Garba is a total-body workout –

Garba is a total-body workout that combines simple motions that target the upper and lower bodies with several complicated movements that work various muscle groups simultaneously. According to the expert, this improves the effectiveness of a one-hour garba workout.

5. Improves coordination and concentration –

You must have concentration to avoid missing your steps or hitting anyone with your stick because this dance is performed in a wide circular group and with dandiya sticks. Being mentally present requires a lot of effort on your behalf. However, a word of caution: don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Simply take in the dance’s flow and the joyous mood. A healthy body also requires a healthy mind.

You may use a few Garba tips for Navratri

* It’s important to use the proper footwear when playing Garba in order to avoid sacrificing your form and suffering an injury.

* To avoid putting any pressure on your knees or ankles while dancing, dance barefoot if you don’t want to wear sneakers under your lehengas!

* Keep hydrated

* Don’t be afraid to take a break if you’re feeling tired!

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