Google doodle says, thanks the Public health workers and researchers in the scientific community

Google doodle says, thanks the Public health workers and researchers in the scientific community

The present doodle commends the contributions of scientific community and the public health workers.

It has been a year since the novel Covid found itself at the world’s doorsteps. Every country is attempting to grapple with the new reality that the pandemic has constrained everybody to adapt to.

The healthcare workers in both public and private institutions have been of incredible help. They are battling the deadly virus on the cutting edges and taking a chance with their lives in keeping us safe. Alongside that, the science and research community has helped in thinking of the vaccination to lessen COVID-19’s intensity.

The doodle, on drifting the mouse, shows a message “To all the public health workers and to researchers in the scientific community, thank you.”

The doodle is animated. It’s left side shows a scientist at work with glasses. The ‘G’ at that pops up a heart that is sent to the ‘E’ at the very end, as a token of love and appreciation given to the hardworking community.

“Thank You: Public Health Workers and Researchers in the Scientific Community,” Google said.

A couple of days back, Google had asked individuals to wear a mask with a message that says, “Masks are still important. Wear a mask. Save lives”.

A year ago, one of the Google Doodles was put forth to see the appreciate in the attempts of the frontline workers who toiled hard during the pinnacle a very long time of the pandemic in battling the infection just as ensuring people were dealt with in the most ideal manner conceivable.

While the pandemic is yet to be totally finished, people need to praise all the fundamental service workers from one side of the world to the other who have made a special effort to improve the world a better place to live in, regardless of COVID-19 making it rather troublesome at the present time.

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