Google doodle celebrates Venezuela’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Venezuela’s Independence Day

On this day in 1811, elected provincial Venezuelan leaders announced the country’s sway. The present Doodle observes Venezuela’s Independence Day, or Cinco de julio, 210 years after this momentous turning point in the country’s history.

Today, the first Venezuelan Declaration of Independence record is safely tucked at the Museo de la Casa de las Primeras Letras Simón Rodríguez (Simón Rodríguez House of the First Letters Museum) in the capital of Caracas. Significantly more than simply a home to Venezuela’s founding document, this history museum was previously the 18th-century headquarters of the very first school in Caracas and home base for the teachings of iconic Venezuelan teacher Simón Rodríguez.

The building commemorates the work of Rodríguez, who showed standards, for example, instruction for all to an student body that included key figures for the Venezuelan independence movement.

To appreciate this national holiday, numerous families and friends gather with traditional music, dancing, and foods like arepas (seared or prepared cornmeal cakes generally loaded up with ham and cheese)!

¡Feliz Cinco de Julio, Venezuela!

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