Google doodle celebrates Paraguay’s National Day

Google doodle celebrates Paraguay’s National Day

¡Feliz día de la independencia, Paraguay!

The present Doodle observes Paraguay’s National Day, a national holiday that praises the anniversary of the country’s official declaration of independence.

On this day in 1811, Paraguay became the second independent nation in the Americas.

The present festival is marked with the outdoor gathering of loved ones to play soccer, listen in to local music, and host barbeques.

Found at a large number of these vibrant cookouts are the national dish of sopa paraguaya (a zesty traditional cheesy cornbread) and no shortage of yerba mate, a traditional caffeine-rich drink essential for Paraguayan cultural heritage.

Another mainstay of Paraguayan Independence Day celebrations is the national flag, depicted waving gladly in the Doodle work of art.

An symbol of liberation, the Paraguayan flag is among the world’s just national flags that feature various designs on each side! The front of the flag features the national coat of arms as the reverse is emblazoned with the Paraguayan treasury seal, which portrays a yellow lion overlaid on a red Cap of Liberty.

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