Google doodle celebrates Oman National Day

Google doodle celebrates Oman National Day

On the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, citizens and residents from all over Oman gather on November 18 for a two-day celebration of the country’s National Day. Foreign powers were driven from the coastlines of Oman’s trading ports, which were being used to sustain merchant routes to India, on this day in 1650.

Oman, being the oldest sovereign Arab country, is proud of its National Day celebrations, which include many traditional Gulf customs. Camels racers from all across the country usually converge for the annual National Day race, which has been a part of Omani culture for decades. The national colours of green, white, and red, which are prominently represented on the Oman flag in today’s Doodle artwork, are used in both private residences and public buildings.

To celebrate the occasion, musicians and dancers from all over Oman put on traditional performances that pay homage to the national past. Several styles of Omani music draw influence from nautical history, alluding to the nation’s 17th century ports, and are traditionally played after long trips or extended conflicts.

Happy National Day, Oman!

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