Google doodle celebrates Morocco’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates Morocco’s Independence Day

Morocco is a cosmopolitan melting pot that is instantly recognisable by the views of its clay Moroccan architecture, the tastes of its lively ras el hanout spices, or the sounds of poetic malhun music. Morocco’s Independence Day, which falls on this day in 1955, commemorates the end of French colonial control in the country.

From the old city of Marrakesh to the unofficial cultural capital of Fez in the northeast, street vendors prepare local delights such as bessara (a fava bean soup) and battered spicy sardines, drawing inspiration from Berber, Arab, and European influences. Celebrations are traditionally held over several days, with Morocco’s major roadway lit up in the colours of the national flag, as portrayed in today’s Doodle artwork.

Many television networks show documentaries commemorating the country’s struggle against colonial forces, allowing Moroccans to reflect on the independence movement that restored a legacy that dates back thousands of years.

Happy Independence Day, Morocco!

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