Google Doodle Celebrates Cambodia Independence Day

Google Doodle Celebrates Cambodia Independence Day

On this day in 1953, Cambodia became a sovereign country, restoring the personality of the Indigenous Khmer individuals and maintaining the nation’s ancient history. Commended every year as Independence Day, this historic anniversary is presently an holiday.

The Cambodian government honored this revelation of autonomy in 1958 with the development of a lotus-shaped stupa in the capital of Phnom Penh.

Coined the Independence Monument, this 20-meter high pinnacle looks like the famous 12th-century Khmer sanctuary complex of Angkor Wat, which is decorated on the Cambodian banner portrayed in the Doodle artwork.

Customarily, the present formal ceremonies start at the foundation of the Independence Monument followed by parades, marching bands, and fireworks over the banks of the Mekong River.

Typical cuisine of rice, fish sauce, chili peppers, coconut, and lemongrass is served across the Southeast Asian country as residents think about the historical path to freedom.

Happy Independence Day, Cambodia!

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