Google doodle celebrates Bosnia & Herzegovina Statehood Day

Google doodle celebrates Bosnia & Herzegovina Statehood Day

Hundreds of representatives from all around Bosnia and Herzegovina assembled on this day 78 years ago to create a council that formed independent statehood and declared equality for all residents. Today’s Doodle recognizes Bosnia & Herzegovina Statehood Day and the illustrious history of a nation forged by the tenacity of its multicultural population to commemorate this event.

Following Bosnia and Herzegovina’s restoration in 1943, the country was given its own coat of arms. The official adoption of the unified national flag portrayed waving in today’s Doodle artwork occurred in 1998. A blue ribbon with a yellow triangle, seven full stars, and two half stars adorn this flag.

The triangle represents the multiethnic structure of all of the country’s population and reflects the shape of the Eastern European country. Each hue represents Bosnia’s historical neutrality, while the blue background represents the country’s unity with Europe, evoking the flag of the European Union.

Happy Statehood Day, Bosnia & Herzegovina!

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