Elon Musk goes viral the by clarifying the science of memes

Elon Musk goes viral the by clarifying the science of memes

Tesla CEO Elon Musk may be a very billionaire person and of the best-known business entrepreneurs on the world, yet he is likewise known via social media for his affection for memes- and his most recent scientific clarification of the phenomenon has instantly gone viral around the web.

Elon Musk’s admiration of web meme was confirmed when he highlighted on PewDiePie’s celebrated ‘Meme Review’ appear on YouTube in 2018.

From that point forward, he has been good form on his Twitter account, blending in different memes alongside progressively genuine posts about his different business adventures and logical knowledge.

His most recent post, however, has mixed the two his affection for memes and science, and it’s actually what we’d expect from the SpaceX originator.

Not at all like his past ‘Teletubbies’ memes, which were more strange than hilarious and left his adherents scratching their heads in perplexity, the ‘dope-a-meme’ has an increasingly intelligent twist.

Playing on the hormone ‘dopamine’, which is regularly connected with pleasure and reward, Elon declares that the ‘dope-a-meme’ is “in reality true”.

Musk even mixed in his affection for car control innovation with another meme, deriding Car Review magazine J.D. Power for an examination which found that car clients discover Tesla’s driver-help technology “annoying”.

With more than 28 million followers on his Twitter, Elon Musk is in the best 100 most followed records, only in a matter of seconds behind Jenner sisters Kendall and Kylie.

His memes consistently become a web sensation on the stage with more than 45,000 retweets on the ‘dope-a-meme’ post, adding to his account picking up practically a large portion of a-million new followers month.

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