WWE and NFL reveals first-ever officially licenced NFL Legacy Title Belts

WWE and NFL reveals first-ever officially licenced NFL Legacy Title Belts

Every team and its supporters have a chance to become global champions thanks to the new WWE and NFL legacy titles. (Yes, including the Detroit Lions and Miami Dolphins)

WWE and the National Football League recently signed a multi-year licencing agreement to develop WWE legacy titles with NFL legacy. The official colours and logos of each of the 32 teams are displayed on each of the championships.

WWE and the NFL have never before entered into a licencing agreement.

Major League Baseball and WWE already have a licencing arrangement in place. All 30 teams will wear WWE Championship title belts designed after MLB in 2022, according to WWE. The arrangement with Fanatics that was previously disclosed includes the NFL announcement from WWE. WWE Shop was revived with help from Fanatics, which also creates “licensed merchandise, collectibles and NFTs.”

The WWE x NFL legacy titles are currently available for purchase on NFLShop.com, WWEShop.com, and Fanatics.com.

On September 7, a game between the World Champion Kansas City Chiefs and the aforementioned Detroit Lions will serve as the official start of the 2023 NFL season. On Sunday, September 10, league-wide competition will begin.

First-ever Officially Licenced NFL Legacy Title Belts Are Announced by WWE and the NFL, according to Wrestlezone.


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