World Music Day 2021: Know Theme, History, Importance and How to celebrate this day?

World Music Day 2021: Know Theme, History, Importance and How to celebrate this day?

World Music Day is celebrated on June 21 consistently to honour the musicians and singers for the gift of music, which offers flight to the imagination and life to everything. A world without music would have no meaning to numerous and World Music Day is seen to celebrate the power of this art.

Otherwise called Fête de la Musique, it is praised for motivating budding, young and professional musicians to perform. In excess of 120 countries celebrate World Music Day and organise free public concerts in parks, stadiums and public places. Music lovers organise various musical shows and events on this special day.

History of Music Day:

World Music Day was first celebrated in the year 1982 on Solstice in France. The then, at that point French Minister of Art and Culture, Jack Lange and Maurice Fleuret, began Fete de la Musique in Paris. Fleuret, who assumed a pivotal part in starting a day for celebrating music, was a French composer, music journalist, festival organiser and radio producer. What’s more, from that point forward, music has become very popular in various countries across the globe.

Theme and Events of World Music day 2021:

The topic of World Music Day 2021 is “Music at the intersections”. The other name of the occasion is ‘Make Music Day’ which stresses on the significance of supporting one’s energy for music and sharing music to all with no limitations. Because of Covid-19 pandemic, this year won’t see public concerts commemorating the World Music Day. In any case, the soul of the day will continue to ring in the minds of music lovers.

Importance of Music Day:

World Music Day is praised to give free music to all music lovers and to give a platform for amateur and professional musicians to showcase their talents to the world. It is celebrated to highlight the significance of music and how it is valuable for the human mind and body.

Numerous examinations and specialists have brought up that music helps in reducing stress, provides better sleep and keeps us going. Music therapy has proved wonders for individuals battling mental issues and it can likewise assist a person with exercise better. With the right sort of music, individuals can focus on their positions and furthermore perform better.

As per an exploration, it was informed that a few hormones are released in our body by listening to music. These hormones play a vital role in increasing the body’s immune system and reducing many diseases of the head.

Music Day 2021 Celebrations:

After the 1982 festivals, World Music Day is praised in different nations across the globe and has become a international phenomenon. Nations like India, Italy, Australia, the United States, Japan, China, Malaysia observe Music Day. Beginner musicians and veterans come out in the street and participate in different musical concerts and furthermore perform music.

In Paris, the streets are jam-packed with the sound of music and music lovers groove to it. Music lovers in Paris and different spots in France come for Fete de la Musique and enjoy fests, feasts, parades and fairs.

Be that as it may, this year, attributable to the pandemic, World Music Day festivities will be held in a relaxed way and chances of a huge public gathering seem highly unlikely. Numerous music associations and organizations will coordinate online shows, competitions and fests on World Music Day.

Happy World Music Day!

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