World Environment Day 2021: Know how to share Snapchat’s themed Bitmojis

World Environment Day 2021: Know how to share Snapchat’s themed Bitmojis

As 5 June, which is praised as World Environment Day, is approaching, Snapchat has taken the opportunity to encourage users to utilize themed Bitmojis that can help them raise awareness about the environment while expressing their love for nature.

The Bitmojis on Snapchat follow the current year’s Environment Day theme, which is ‘Ecosystem Restoration’, according to Snapchat. The bitmojis incorporate include like watering the plants, growing new plants, saving water, and more.

Since they can’t go out, this is Snapchat’s method of allowing individuals to show their anxiety for nature and share something very similar with their friends and family through the popular photo-sharing platform.

How to utilize, share new Nature-themed Bitmojis?

All Bitmojis live under the sticker/emojis section. In the event that you mean to add the new stickers to your Snapchat Stories, essentially click an image, select the sticker option (placed along with numerous editing options), and select the ones you like the most. When you are happy with the image or video, you can post it.

To send snaps to individuals with the new nature-themed Bitmojis, you need to do the previously mentioned, add the required edits and the desired stickers, and you are a great idea to go.

Moreover, you can send a similar Bitmojis by means of individual chats by tapping on the sticker section in the typing area. This is the place where you will find the new Bitmojis, alongside the plenty of different options that you can select and send to other people.

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