What Are the Attributes of Great Educational Websites?

What Are the Attributes of Great Educational Websites?

You are searching for great educational websites. Certain factors differentiate a normal educational website from a great portal. You should know about them.

You are looking for a quality portal for education purposes. Otherwise, you might be looking for such a website to gather some information. Irrespective of the purpose, it would be good to know where the bar is set. Not all website developers are good. So, certain factors differentiate great educational websites from other websites. Fortunately, you can take certain steps to spot high-quality educational portals.

Qualities of a Great Educational Portals

An Attractive Home Page

An educational website might have been designed to help teachers. Another website might have been developed to help students. Irrespective of the type of educational website, it should have an attractive homepage. It is the first thing you will see when you load a website.

Here, an attractive home page does not denote attractiveness in appearance alone. It should have a simple design and it should let visitors find links easily to access information. Also, a good website should have a beautifully-placed imagery. Above all, it should not affect the loading speed of the portal.

A Responsive Design

Most of us these days use our mobile phones to access any website. So, a crucial attribute of a good website is that it should be responsive. It means that you should find it easy to navigate the website through your tablets or smartphones.

A website with a responsive design will adjust automatically to the device screen. It means that it will look similar irrespective of the device you use to browse it.

ADA Compliance

Let us consider that you are a teacher looking for a great educational website. If it is a school website, it should incorporate ADA Compliance into the design. In other words, the website should be followed by a screen reader device with ease. An ADA-compliant website will have:

  • Text-only web page options
  • Footer feedback links
  • Table headers
  • Title tags
  • HTML formatting standards like H2, H3 and H4
  • A Skip Navigation link

Web developers use content management systems these days. They offer the features listed above. So, many education websites these days carry these features.

With many content management systems offering these features, nowadays, many educational websites carry these things.

Effortless Navigation

When you are comparing educational websites, you should check whether they are easy to navigate. Pay close attention to how the site is laid out. When you do this, ensure that it has everything you should see at the first glance. You should be in a position to spot the areas that you look for. This design makes a good educational website, great.

Search Option

You know that a search option can help you easily reach the intended post. So, a great educational website differentiates itself from other websites with a search option. Similar to easy navigation, the search option is equally important.

In short, these attributes differentiate a great website from a normal website. Also, the website should provide you with the latest information on any topic you are looking for.  A good website will extend your knowledge and horizons to new levels.

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