Sandeep N Setty Joins Endurance Capital as Venture Partner

Sandeep N Setty Joins Endurance Capital as Venture Partner
Bangalore, India – Endurance Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund renowned for backing exceptional founders in building generational companies, has announced the appointment of Sandeep N Setty as its new Venture Partner. This strategic addition aims to leverage Setty’s extensive expertise in financial management and venture capital to enhance Endurance Capital’s support for its portfolio companies.
Endurance Capital is dedicated to working closely with founders, offering funding and access to a robust network, sound advice, and collaboration during fundraising processes. The firm’s portfolio includes a diverse array of investments across various sectors, reflecting its commitment to empowering visionary entrepreneurs.
About Sandeep N Setty
Sandeep N Setty brings over 15 years of experience to his new role, marked by his impressive track record in empowering CEOs, members of parliament and assembly, wealthy families, successful entrepreneurs, startups, venture capitalists, high-net-worth families, and public figures. His wealth management expertise includes crafting financial structures that facilitate growth, preservation, spending, and wealth transfer in a controlled and tax-efficient manner. Setty currently manages financial affairs totalling over 3500 crores for his clients.
In addition to his wealth management prowess, Setty is well-versed in venture capital, having consulted with numerous startup and venture capital funds. His insights into equity compensation plans, fundraising strategies, and exit or succession planning have been instrumental in guiding their strategic financial decisions and growth trajectories. Furthermore, Setty is a trusted advisor for CEOs navigating complex cross-border transactions and personal investments.
Recognized for his excellence and client confidentiality, Setty was named Bangalore’s Top Financial Advisor, underscoring his commitment to delivering top-tier advisory services.
With Setty joining as a Venture Partner, Endurance Capital is poised to deepen its engagement with founders by integrating Setty’s rich financial and advisory expertise into its operational framework. His experience and strategic insights are expected to significantly benefit the firm’s portfolio companies, enhancing their ability to achieve sustainable growth and successful exits.
“We are thrilled to welcome Sandeep N Setty to our team,” said Archana Priyadarshini, partner, Endurance Capital. “His extensive experience and deep understanding of financial management and venture capital will be invaluable as we continue to support exceptional founders in building generational companies.”
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