What are the 5 richest counties in Ohio?

What are the 5 richest counties in Ohio?

Ohio’s per capita personal income in 2022 was $57,880, less than the $65,423 national average, according to the US Federal Reserve. Ohio has lower average salaries than the national average, however there are numerous counties in this state where median household incomes are significantly higher. Find out which Ohio counties are the richest, as well as the average property value and median income of each.

1. Delaware County

Delaware, the county seat and main city of Delaware County, has a population of 220,740 as of the 2021 census. Delaware is situated in Central Ohio. Delaware, Powell, and Sunbury are the three cities that make up Delaware County. Delaware, an Ohio suburb, is among the best locations to call home. With a typical household income of $116,284 and a median property value of $465,696, it is Ohio’s wealthiest county. Actually, young, wealthy individuals in their twenties and thirties frequent the county. Those who desire to live close to a big city but still feel like they are in a little town are drawn to this county. Delaware County’s manufacturing, retail, and agricultural sectors are all flourishing.

2. Geauga County

This county lies close to the Lake Erie shoreline in the northeast corner of Ohio. With 95,397 residents as of the 2020 census, the biggest cities in Geauga County are Chardon, Chesterfield, Middlefield, Burton, Bainbridge, South Russell, Parkman, and Aquilla. Geauga County, the second wealthiest county in Ohio, has a median household worth of $328,895, a median income of $90,285 and an investment income of $45,584. This county offers a peaceful rural setting with plenty of agricultural land that yields numerous economic benefits. Additionally, Geauga County is home to the second-largest Amish community in the nation.

3. Warren County

Warren County is outside of Cincinnati, in Southwest Ohio. Lebanon, Mason, Franklin, Maineville, Waynesville, Morrow, and a few other cities are among the county’s biggest cities. As of 2021, it had a population of 246,553. Warren County, one of the wealthiest counties in the state, has a median house value of $355,713, a median income of $95,709, and an investment income of $32,255. Warren County boasts the highest average income in the Cincinnati region, drawing in the wealthiest residents in the city with its prime location and thriving real estate market.

4. Union County

Union County, in Central Ohio, is located outside of Columbus and had 64,971 residents as of the 2021 census. Marysville, Richwood, Milford Centre, Unionville Centre, Magnetic Springs, Raymond, and New California are some of the county’s biggest cities. The median income in this wealthy county is $96,634, while the median house value is $361,271. Investment income is $25,447. With a long history of manufacturing, Union County is home to a number of important businesses, including OMScott and Brothers. This county’s vibrant, bustling cities are extremely wealthy and benefit from a booming job industry.

5. Medina County

Medina County is in a prime location near two major cities and Lake Erie, directly west of both Cleveland and Akron. The biggest cities in Medina County, which has 183,092 residents as of 2021, are Medina, Brunswick, Wadsworth, Lodi, Seville, Valley City, and More. The main city in the county is Brunswick, and the county seat is Medina. With a median family income of $82,894, a median investment income of $22,005, and a median home value of $302,806, Medina County is the seventh wealthiest county in Ohio.

This county has excellent educational opportunities, low unemployment, and a good standard of living for its citizens. Even while Medina County is home to a large number of wealthy people, it is also well-known for having a high level of economic inequality among its residents.

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