Coming from a humble background and maintaining the same in his profession, Wewantdish also known as Dishant Patel is an up-and-coming gamer on YouTube. He might still be a teenager, but his progress will make you feel otherwise. Given his consistency, quality of content, and zeal to give back to his community, let us assure you that Wewantdish will make everyone proud one day.

Belonging to Ndola, Zambia, and currently living in the UK, we understand that Wewantdish has not had a privileged background, yet he values his identity. And this is precisely why he understands the importance of a community that helps him grow and become what he aspires to be. Wewantdish always stays connected to his roots, and to do this, he finds ways of going back to them.

You might see him flexing his gaming skills on his YouTube channel of the same name, but you must know he does all this in an attempt to bring his hometown, Ndola – a city from a lesser-known country, to the forefront.

To be fair, his modesty is only helping him grow. His generosity reflects the fact that he seeks to utilize all of the proceeds from his channel towards helping people back in his hometown. He once distributed food packages, blankets, cooking materials, etc., in Ndola. Wewantdish believes that his current impact on the cause might be negligible, but that is undoubtedly not the case. Just taking the step with the little resources one has requires courage, and we see Wewantdish full of it.

His personality, values, and genuine concern for others will soon bring him to the top of the gaming arena on YouTube. In fact, he is on his way to that now.

Wewantdish’s gaming skills are accurately reflected in his videos on YouTube; even we are left in awe. He is growing organically precisely because this is how he sees his talents being respected and enjoyed. He routinely does gaming giveaways on his channel that many of his fans participate in. Call of Duty and Fortnite pass giveaways are just two of them. This is another way he gives back to his followers, who have helped him become who he is today.

He proudly shares his values and family attachment on his channel, beside his gaming skills and envy-worthy IQ. This unique combination is gaining popularity among his followers, and his intention to continue with this will promote the same. In addition, what Wewantdish is promoting is an excellent lesson for the new generations. More so when a teenager, who they might resonate with, does it.

It is through Wewantdish’s recognition and appreciation of the people who support him that we see him taking one step further every day. When the community sees their idol recognizing them, their love and support grow exponentially, and we see that for Wewantdish.

For him, the ladder is going up, and there remains no room for looking back. He has embarked on the journey to make it big on the platform, and we can truly see him achieving that.

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