Gabriella Melrose just released her first female empowerment book

Gabriella Melrose just released her first female empowerment book

Entrepreneur and life coach Gabriella Melrose has released her first book in Lithuanian language. Talented young woman is based in London where she spent most of her life at. She is involved in entertainment business, reviews supercars and organises events. Recently she went through a spiritual journey and became a life coach and author. Now she does life coaching sessions to people online and writes in her spare time. When asked why she did not write in English she said: “I can put my thoughts a lot better in native language. English translation is out in the end of summer.” The book is about female empowerment but nothing close to feminism. It is a self development material for women to learn how to love themselves, get out of comfort zone, face their fears and reach their goals.

Gabriella believes that many females in this world do not understand their value and put too much energy on other people instead of looking after their own well being. She revealed that she was one of these females and suffered for years from being overly-responsible for other and not prioritising herself. The situation changed after her breakup with a partner and she learned how to look after herself and know her worth. These details about her life she is openly sharing in her new book. Now she motivates many people around the world on social media, teaches self-love and healthy lifestyle.

When asked about feminism Gabriella says: “I am not a feminist. I do believe in divine male and female energy. But I do think that many females forget themselves and burry their goals just to serve their family. And this is not right.” When asked who inspired her to become an author she answered “My dream was to write my first book in my 20’s and I have achieved this goal. For many years I tried to do it but I did not feel ready myself as an individual to give tips to people. After my spiritual journey and healing I felt that the time has came to finally make this dream come true. It is hard to write a motivational book if you can’t follow the advices you are giving to people. Once I felt that I am living in a way that is correct I decided to share the knowledge I have with other women.”

We can’t wait to hear more about the english version of the book in near future. If you are interested to know more about Gabriella visit her website

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