Top 5 Safest Cities In California For Trick-Or-Treating

Top 5 Safest Cities In California For Trick-Or-Treating

Kids can have a good time on Halloween, but as a parent, you should always prioritise your children’s safety. According to a recent research by the Chamber of Commerce, one Southern California city made it to the list of the top 10 “safest” places for trick-or-treating this year.

Researchers studied a number of safety criteria, including pedestrian fatalities, violent crime, property crime, registered sex offenders, and the number of law enforcement officers per 10,000 residents, to identify the cities that are the safest for trick-or-treaters. With a total of 100 points signifying the “safest” place for children to go trick-or-treating, each safety aspect was given a rating out of 100, with 100 being the highest.

Five cities in California made the top 25, with Irvine in Orange County taking the 10th spot. The top five cities in California for trick-or-treating safety are listed below:

  • Irvine in Orange County: Total score 75 (ranked 10th nationwide)
  • Glendale in Los Angeles County: Total score 74 (ranked 12th nationwide)
  • Carlsbad in San Diego County: Total score 70 (ranked 18th nationwide)
  • Murrieta in Riverside County: Total score 69 (ranked 21st nationwide)
  • Sunnyvale in Santa Clara County: Total score 67 (ranked 22nd nationwide)

The “safest” city for trick-or-treaters in the US was Naperville, Illinois.


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