Top 5 Most Popular Beach Destinations In The World

Top 5 Most Popular Beach Destinations In The World

The beach season does not have to end just because the summer is completed. The best method to get through the winter blues is actually to get away to the beach.

The health benefits of winter sun exposure are real. You’ll receive an increase of vitamin D, which is beneficial for your bones, teeth, and immune system.

If you still need a reason to go, consider that winter sun vacations are typically less expensive and congested than travels taken in the peak of the summer.

The top 5 beach locations in the world right now are as follows:

5. Spain’s Tenerife

The largest Canary Island is Tenerife. Off the coast of North Africa, there is an island group that is a part of Spain but is actually closer to Morocco.

Although Tenerife offers an unique and varied volcanic landscape, tourists primarily come to the island for its beaches. The island’s over 400km of coastline includes more than 40 public beaches.

The beaches on the island are as diverse as its landscapes. You’ll find black sand beaches here as well as dramatic coves and traditional vast expanses of fine golden sand.

Playa del Camison in Playa de las Americas is considered to be the best beach in Tenerife. This is a gold sand beach backed by palm trees and has an almost entirely enclosed bay making it ideal for swimming and water sports without worrying about temperamental Atlantic currents.

4. Cannes, France

Although Cannes is known as the capital of movie, it is also one of the most opulent and prominent beach resorts in the world.

Climb the Palais des Festivals’ steps, stroll through the city’s Old Town, and take in the architecture, particularly in the vicinity of the harbour. But don’t forget to see the beaches.

Although Cannes is known for being quite expensive, there are many lovely private and public beaches there, so there are options to suit any budget.

Fine white sand may be found on all of Cannes’ beaches, and the water is a clear turquoise blue. Due to its wide length of sand and relaxed the atmosphere, Plage de la Bocca is one of Cannes’ nicest and most well-liked public beaches.

The most well-known beach in Cannes is the Plage de la Croisette. The private portion of the beach isn’t the best place for travellers on a budget, though there is a little free piece at the west end!

3. Spain’s Mallorca

One of the 151 Spanish islands that make up the Balearics, only five of which are inhabited, is Mallorca. The largest of the islands, Mallorca, is renowned for its stunning beaches.

There are 262 beaches in Mallorca, but the amazing cliff-lined cove of Cala Deia or the gorgeous wedge of sand at Sa Calobra are thought to be the greatest.

The Drach caves are one of Mallorca’s top off-shore attractions when you’re ready for a vacation from the beaches.

This is a system of four large caves with a combined length of 4 km and a maximum depth of 25 metres. The novel Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne is supposed to have been inspired by the caves because of their beauty.

2. South Beach, Miami

South Beach, which blends beautiful white sands with seaside glamour, is well-liked by American tourists who desire stunning beaches without the hassle of going abroad.

Amazing art deco architecture and a large variety of oceanfront gourmet dining establishments with renowned chefs are two things that make South Beach famous.

South Beach is known for its legendary nightlife, but it’s also a fantastic destination for relaxation and renewal.

The seven-mile-long beach is stunning, the water looks inviting and clear, and there are numerous seaside activities to choose from.

1. Cancun, Mexico

It should not come as a surprise that Cancun is currently the world’s most popular beach destination.

Cancun, which is situated on the Caribbean Sea on the Yucatan Peninsula, draws millions of tourists each year. Additionally, it is one of the most well-liked foreign trip locations for Americans.

The appeal of Cancun as a tourist destination abroad is almost unrivalled. With a concentration on luxurious all-inclusive getaways, Cancun also boasts a stellar reputation for hospitality.

The fine sand and amazingly clear and clean waters of Cancun’s beaches contribute to their beauty. Nowhere is more ideal for spending a day at a Caribbean beach.

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