Top 5 Finalists of “India’s Best Dancer 3”

Top 5 Finalists of “India’s Best Dancer 3”

Aniket Chauhan, Anjali Mamgai, Samarpan Lama, Vipul Khandpal, and Shivanshu Soni are the ‘Top 5′ finalists of the dance reality show “India’s Best Dancer” season 3 and will be competing to win the most coveted title.

The performance has honoured exceptional talent with outstanding skills who have proven their mettle in this fierce battle, staying true to its slogan of #HarMoveSeKarengeProve.

The judges, also known as the E.E.N.T (Emotions, Entertainment, Newness and Technique) specialists Sonali Bendre, Geeta Kapur, and Terence Lewis, were captivated by the contestants’ ability to win the hearts of millions of people.

Aniket is partnered with Kartik Raja’s choreographer, Anjali with Akash Thapa’s, Samarpan with Bhawana Khanduja’s, Vipul with Pankaj Thapa’s, and Shivanshu with Vivek Chachere’s.

Aniket Chauhan, a Delhi native who is known as the “Charlie Chaplin of “IBD 3,” earned the top spot in the “Behtareen Teerah” and has since repeatedly left everyone in awe of his talent.

Aniket reflected on his trip, saying, “India’s Best Dancer 3 has been a roller coaster for me. I was the only untrained dancer who made it to the top 12. The competition has been tough, but Ive tried to prove myself every day.”

“This show has been my Gurukul, allowing me to explore my acting skills alongside dance. I’ll forever cherish moments like Ayushmann Khurrana praising my work and Manushi Chillar asking for my autograph. I am truly grateful for this incredible opportunity,” he added.

Delhi-born Vipul is well-known for his freestyle dancing. Although he was one of the final candidates chosen for “Behtareen Teerah,” there was some doubt as to whether he would fit in well with the programme. Vipul, on the other hand, has been a force to be reckoned with because he wowed everyone with his techniques right away.

Speaking about his experience, he said, “I was the last contestant to be selected by the judges in Behtareen 13, and it fills me with pride to know that Terence Sir is happy to see me in the top 5, and he has praised my work. As a background dancer and assistant choreographer, having celebrties like Nushratt Barucha and Tony Kakkar recognize my work and dance has been a big milestone that I’ve already achieved on this show.”

“India’s Best Dancer 3 has provided me with the opportunity to explore and grow as a dancer, I will always be grateful for that,” added Vipul.

Anjali from Uttarakhand, known as the “Sher Baccha” of IBD3, is an inspiration to many since she has supported her family since she was 13 while simultaneously pursuing her passion for dancing.

Expressing her excitement of making it to the Top 5, she shared, “India’s Best Dancer 3 has been a series of ups and downs for me. When the Behtareen 13 were selected, I learnt that Vipul Kandpal and I were the last two contestants to make the cut. Since then, there’s been a fire within me to prove myself and make the judges proud.”

Shivanshu from Madhya Pradesh, noted for his exquisite classical dancing style and elegant movements, has spun his way into the ‘Top 5’.

And, having broken numerous stereotypes with Kathak on this stage, Shivanshu commented, “Being a male classical dancer, I was often told that this dance form is for women. Through India’s Best Dancer 3, I got an opportunity to showcase that classical dance is not exclusive to women.”

Samarpan from Pune, also known as the ‘cutie minister,’ is a complete beginner when it comes to dancing, having learned the art form by watching dance reality programmes. Samarpan showed why he deserves to be in the Top 5, from stealing the hearts of the judges during the audition phase to some spectacular performances in the show that left everyone smiling.

Expressing his emotions, he shared: “This still feels unreal; I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the audience and the judges – Sonali Bendre, Terence Lewis, and Geeta Kapur. Their mentorship and insights have been invaluable in shaping my journey. And, I am thankful to the show for providing dancers such as I, a platform to showcase our talent to the world. I am also very happy for my fellow contestants who have made it to the race to the finale.”

The ‘Grand Finale’ of India’s Best Dancer 3 will telecast on Sony on September 30.


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