Top 5 Countries To Get Citizenship As An American

Top 5 Countries To Get Citizenship As An American

We analyse the top five countries where American citizens can obtain citizenship fastest.

5. Ecuador –

Citizenship in Ecuador is simple to get for US citizens. They can accomplish this by requesting the 60-III pensioner visa, often known as the Jubilado or Ecuador Retirement Visa. The retirement visa is by far the most popular one used by international retirees, despite the fact that there are 13 residential visa options for obtaining citizenship in the country.

In addition to other requirements like private health insurance, the country mandates a minimum pension or income of $1,275 per month in order to remain there. Applicants can stay in the nation for two years after their visa application has been granted. The visa may be extended after two years or changed to a permanent visa. Citizenship is only awarded to those who have lived in the country for at least four years.

4. Malta –

Malta is among the countries in Europe where it is most easy to obtain citizenship. Malta is a popular retirement location because of its low cost of living, rich heritage, and Mediterranean climate. The Malta Retirement Programme, or MRP, is the nation’s retirement housing programme. Those who wish to retire there must first get a residency permit. Additionally, they have to be 55 years or older. A pension must provide a minimum yearly income of at least €12,700 ($13,500).

The Global Residence Programme, Permanent Residence Programme, and Exceptional Investor Naturalisation are additional residence choices available to Americans. After residing in the nation for five years, applicants are eligible to petition for citizenship.

3. Peru –

Applying for the Rentista Visa enables people who desire to relocate to Peru for its cheap cost of living, beautiful landscape, and friendly people to do so. If applicants make at least $1,000 per month in income, they are eligible to apply for this retirement visa. Although successful applicants receive retirement visas for an extended term, they lose it if they leave the country for more than six months in a calendar year. You can become a citizen of Peru by living there for at least two years.

2. Panama –

The Panama Retirement Visa (Pensionado programme) makes it simple for Americans to move to Panama and start living there in a number of perfect locations. Applicants for the retirement residence visa must present proof of a $1,000 minimum monthly income. They must also have the necessary documentation and be at least 18 years old in order to continue the visa application procedure. The retirement visa provides retirees with a variety of benefits and discounts, including savings on hospital bills, energy costs, travel expenses, and more. Citizenship is available to anyone who have resided in Panama for five years in a row.

1. Portugal –

One of the simplest methods for an American to become a citizen of another nation is through Portugal, widely known as the “gateway to Europe.” The Portugal D-7 visa is required for applicants who wish to become Portuguese citizens. A proof of monthly income outside of Portugal of at least €760, or $811, is required to obtain the visa. After residing in Portugal for five years, a retiree may petition for citizenship.


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