Top 5 countries in Africa where people spend the most time in traffic

Top 5 countries in Africa where people spend the most time in traffic

The problem of traffic is one that affects cities all around the world. Traffic issues get worse as urbanisation and population expansion increase, which causes lost productivity, more pollution, and a lower quality of life for residents. The Traffic Index is an essential tool that offers invaluable insights into the severity of traffic issues in various cities and areas. It is used by transportation experts and researchers to measure and quantify traffic congestion.

A crucial tool for assessing how congested the roads are in cities is the Traffic Index. It is estimated by comparing the amount of time required to travel the same distance during peak traffic periods to the amount of time needed to do it under perfect traffic conditions.

Its own traffic index is offered by Numbeo, a website that gives current data on the cost of living, the standard of living, and different socioeconomic factors in cities and nations throughout the world. The platform’s Traffic Index is a composite metric that takes commute time, commuter dissatisfaction CO2 emissions, and overall traffic system inefficiencies into account. It offers details about a city’s overall traffic condition.

Furthermore, Numbeo’s Time Index displays an average one-way travel time in minutes. It gives an idea of how long it takes to get from one location in a city or region to another. The platform generates these numbers using certain complex equations that are provided on its website.

The five African countries with the highest traffic indices and those where people spend the most time in traffic, according to its equation, are listed below.

Rank Country Traffic index Time index (in minutes)
1. Nigeria 310.6 62.8
2. Kenya 242.1 51.6
3. Egypt 231.8 48.5
4. South Africa 189.3 39.0
5. Morocco 137.1 37.0

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