The Top Kelowna Dentist for Wisdom Teeth Removal

The Top Kelowna Dentist for Wisdom Teeth Removal

The top Kelowna dentist, Lakeview Dental, offers a reliable and safe wisdom teeth removal service without costing too much.

According to global statistics, nearly 85% of the worldwide population end up removing their wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth are commonly found to cause infection across the gum and the tooth. The infection is also the primary reason why wisdom teeth are removed in most people.

Lakeview Dental, located in West Kelowna, Canada, is famous for its affordable and reliable wisdom teeth removal services. They have an efficient and safe process to remove wisdom teeth properly.

Despite being the top Kelowna dentist, Lakeview Dental only charges a nominal amount for their wisdom teeth removal services.

Lakeview Dental

Lakeview Dental is a famous dental care center in Lakeview Heights, West Kelowna. The Lakeview Dental team strives to get patients affordable yet high-quality dental care services.

An incomparable range of services is available at Lakeview, including pediatric dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, etc. The clinic features advanced equipment, top-rated clinical facilities, etc. The staff at Lakeview Dental are highly professional, cordial, and friendly.

Some other popular features of Lakeview Dental are as follows.

  • Highly accessible location
  • Direct billing service to insurance providers
  • Multiple interest-free payment plans
  • Multiple contact options
  • Same-week oral hygiene appointments
  • New patient consultation
  • Active social media presence
  • Modern equipment
  • Client-centered policies

Lakeview Dental: Wisdom Teeth Removal Service

Lakeview Dental offers many services to patients at pocket-friendly prices. Wisdom teeth removal is one of the most popular dental services available at Lakeview. The Lakeview team assists the patient from the first consultation until the recovery.

Lakeview Dental identifies the following as the reasons why it is advisable to get the wisdom teeth removed.

1. Overcrowding

Wisdom teeth can cause overcrowding inside the mouth. This can lead to a lack of space inside the oral cavity. Overcrowding of wisdom teeth can also cause other healthy teeth to shift their natural position. Overcrowding can gradually lead to severe teeth alignment problems.

2. Infections

Gum infections are some of the most common problems caused by wisdom teeth. This happens when a wisdom tooth emerges only partially from the gum. The partial opening can cause bacteria to enter the gum and cause infection. Wisdom teeth removal is the sole way to prevent such situations.

3. Tumors and Cysts

Damaged or impacted wisdom teeth can cause the development of tumors and cysts around them. These tumors and cysts can damage and destroy the nerves and jawbone. So, wisdom teeth removal is generally advised to avoid such issues.

4. Pushing other Teeth

Wisdom teeth are often found to be pushing on their neighboring teeth. This constant pushing can damage the adjacent teeth severely and cause infection.

Lakeview Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Lakeview Dental offers a safe and professional removal of wisdom teeth. The chief dentist at the clinic, Dr. Sigel, heads all the wisdom teeth removals. He is well-trained and qualified in complex tooth extractions. So the patients get the best possible service in a reliable and safe environment.

Patients can also choose to use the sedation options available at Lakeview Dental during the wisdom teeth removal. Sedation can help the patient to feel more at ease during the procedure.

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