The Top 5 Favourite Halloween Candies

The Top 5 Favourite Halloween Candies

What delicious sweets are people buying for Halloween? To discover the most popular Halloween candy sold in the United States and in each state, they examined patterns in digital commerce between October 2021 and October 2022.

Despite the enormous variety of Halloween candies on the shelves of American retailers, five favourites were the most popular in 49 of our 50 states. (Kentucky was the exception, selecting Butterfinger as their favourite sweet.) The top five Halloween candies in America as well as the best sweets in your state are listed in the following paragraphs.

The Top Five Halloween Candies

1.  Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

This time-tested favourite comfortably won the candy competition, taking home the title of most popular Halloween treat in 18 states, including populous ones like Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and California. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups managed to place second in a few states as well, including Delaware and Montana, which is not surprising.

Give our TikTok-inspired recipe for chocolate peanut butter rice cakes a try if you enjoy the sweet and salty combination of peanut butter and chocolate but would rather a healthier snack. If you still have Reese’s after trick-or-treating, use our recipe for peanut butter cup brownies to get your Christmas baking started.

2. Kit Kat

Half as many states as picked Reese’s their favourite candy, nine, chose Kit Kat as their favourite, which was enough to place the breakable candy bar in second place nationally. Kit Kats are the preferred candy in New York, Nevada, and New Mexico, and they also have a small but devoted following in some regions of the South and Northeast. If you’re one of those fans, you’ll adore making our Kit Kat-filled angel food cake recipe, which transforms them into a crispy, chocolaty treat.

3. Skittles

The only non-chocolate candy included among the top five Halloween candies is Skittles. Skittles were voted the best candy in five states: Arizona, Minnesota, North Dakota, Tennessee, and Washington. Additionally, it came in second place in a few states, including West Virginia and South Carolina.

4. Original M&M’s

This traditional candy, which finished as the fourth-most popular sweet treat overall after Skittles and Skittles, was a favourite in five states. Before the trick-or-treaters arrive, you might want to stock up on original M&Ms if you reside in Colorado, Hawaii, New Hampshire, Ohio, or Wyoming. If you’re addicted to these chocolates with candy coating, try them in our simple M&M popcorn ball recipe. You won’t be let down, they promise!

5. Snickers

Snickers completes the list of the top five Halloween candies in the country. The most popular candy in four states—Alaska, Idaho, North Carolina, and Rhode Island—was this chocolate bar packed with nougat, caramel, and peanuts. It beat out treats like Starburst, Hot Tamales, and Butterfinger.

Fans of Snickers rejoice! Create chocolate date bark to honour your obsession. The well-known TikTok recipe combines Medjool dates to create a healthier alternative that tastes exactly like your favourite candy bar, so no, it’s not a Snickers.

Take a look below at the “most popular” candies in each state –

State Top Candy 2nd Place 3rd Place
Alabama Skittles Starburst Hershey’s Mini Bars
Alaska Twix Sour Patch Kids Milky Way
Arizona Hershey Kisses Hot Tamales Snickers
Arkansas Butterfinger Jolly Ranchers M&M’s
California M&M’s Reese’s Cups Skittles
Colorado Milky Way Hershey Kisses Twix
Connecticut Almond Joy Milky Way M&M’s
Delaware Sour Patch Kids Skittles Life Savers
Florida Reese’s Cups Skittles Hot Tamales
Georgia Jolly Ranchers Swedish Fish Reese’s Cups
Hawaii Hershey’s Mini Bars Skittles Butterfinger
Idaho Snickers Starburst Candy Corn
Illinois Sour Patch Kids Kit Kat Starburst
Indiana Starburst Hot Tamales Jolly Ranchers
Iowa Reese’s Cups M&M’s Hershey’s Mini Bars
Kansas M&M’s Sour Patch Kids Reese’s Cups
Kentucky Reese’s Cups Hot Tamales Swedish Fish
Louisiana Lemonheads Reese’s Cups Blow Pops
Maine Sour Patch Kids Candy Corn Starburst
Maryland Hershey Kisses Hershey’s Mini Bars Reese’s Cups
Massachusetts Butterfinger Sour Patch Kids Dubble Bubble Gum
Michigan Starburst Candy Corn Butterfinger
Minnesota Hot Tamales Tootsie Pops Skittles
Mississippi 3 Musketeers Snickers Butterfinger
Missouri Almond Joy Milky Way Hot Tamales
Montana Twix M&M’s Dubble Bubble Gum
Nebraska Sour Patch Kids Salt Water Taffy Twix
Nevada Hershey’s Mini Bars Hot Tamales Hershey Kisses
New Hampshire Reese’s Cups M&M’s Starburst
New Jersey Tootsie Pops M&M’s Skittles
New Mexico Hot Tamales Candy Corn Hershey’s Mini Bars
New York Sour Patch Kids Hot Tamales Candy Corn
North Carolina M&M’s Reese’s Cups Hershey’s Mini Bars
North Dakota Hot Tamales Candy Corn Jolly Ranchers
Ohio Blow Pops M&M’s Starburst
Oklahoma Skittles Dubble Bubble Gum Snickers
Oregon M&M’s Reese’s Cups Candy Corn
Pennsylvania Hershey’s Mini Bars M&M’s Skittles
Rhode Island M&M’s Twix Candy Corn
South Carolina Skittles Butterfinger Candy Corn
South Dakota Starburst Jolly Ranchers Candy Corn
Tennessee Tootsie Pops Salt Water Taffy Skittles
Texas Sour Patch Kids Reese’s Cups Starburst
Utah Candy Corn Tootsie Pops M&M’s
Vermont M&M’s Skittles Milky Way
Virginia Butterfinger M&M’s Hot Tamales
DC M&M’s Tootsie Pops Blow Pops
Washington Tootsie Pops Salt Water Taffy M&M’s
West Virginia Hershey’s Mini Bars Blow Pops Hot Tamales
Wisconsin Butterfinger Hot Tamales Starburst
Wyoming Reese’s Cups Salt Water Taffy Dubble Bubble Gum

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