The Top 5 Countries to Move to from USA

The Top 5 Countries to Move to from USA

The United States, once known as a nation of immigrants, may now be transitioning into one. The U.S. government does not officially count the number of people leaving the country, but the State Department estimates the number to be about 9 million. However, according to the Association of Americans Overseas (AARO), if you exclude Americans living abroad for reasons other than living abroad (such as tourism), that number will rise to about 5.4 million by 2023.

Look at the 5 Best Countries to Move to from USA.

5. Lithuania

Cost of Living Index: 48.4

Being a developed nation with a strong economy, Lithuania is a real hotspot for immigrants searching for reasonably priced housing and a decent level of life. Rent is not included in Numbeo’s estimate of the monthly cost of living for a single individual, which is only $800. English is also widely spoken in the United States, which is good news for Americans as 80% of the younger generation speaks it fairly well.

4. Spain

Cost of Living Index: 48.4

Spain’s high level of living and appeal to expats have made it a popular destination for immigrants looking to set down roots. The affordable cost of living further to the allure of its attractions. The low monthly upkeep of $762 (not including rent) for an individual would be quite profitable for Americans moving to Spain. One of the viable choices for obtaining citizenship through investing is one of the several immigration channels that the country offers.

3. Croatia

Index of Cost of Living: 46.9

Among other things, the English language’s widespread use in this country increases the likelihood that Americans will settle down fast. English is widely used as a second language by residents, and their level of skill is excellent. The nation is also extremely affordable, with income going a long way. This home may provide a good quality of living for one person for only $770 per month, but that price tag does not include rent.

2. Portugal

Cost of Living Index: 46.6

Portugal has consistently been one of the most popular destinations for US expatriates. The country not only easily adapts to English-speaking newcomers, but also offers a high quality of life for its residents, with between a quarter and a third of the population speaking English fluently. Additionally, it is one of the easiest places for U.S. citizens, especially wealthy individuals, to obtain a second passport, as it offers superior citizenship through investment programs. Additionally, the low cost of living ($721 per month for an individual excluding rent) is a major advantage for the country, especially for immigrants from high-cost countries such as the United States.

1. Mexico

Index of Cost of Living: 43.8

Near the US border, Mexico has long been a popular destination for American immigration. This nation’s low cost of living—a person’s monthly expenses without rent can average as low as $700—as well as its reasonably priced healthcare system and lovely atmosphere are what make it so appealing. In Mexico, citizenship can be acquired in a number of ways, the most noteworthy of which being by descent. These factors make Mexico one of the top locations for American expatriates.



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