Tanabata 2023: Google doodle celebrates the Japanese Star Festival

Tanabata 2023: Google doodle celebrates the Japanese Star Festival

The present Doodle celebrates the Japanese celebration Tanabata (七夕). On the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, fireworks explode and reverberate across the skyline of Japan, bringing two lovers who had fallen in love with each other.

The couple can only meet in the Milky Way on this day every year, according to legend. The artwork for today’s Doodle is made of hand-cut paper and depicts the lovers getting married in a tanzaku and bamboo frame.

In honor of the adored Japanese folktale, vibrant festivals attract millions of people under the brilliant night sky. Many people wish or tanzaku for the coming season on the first day. In homes and at public celebrations, these wishes are typically written on bright paper streamers and hung from bamboo branches.

Street vendors line the sides of glistening floats that are adorned with dolls and ornaments and parade through the heart of the events. Takoyaki and okonomiyaki, pancakes filled with octopus and served with cabbage and mayonnaise, are the most well-liked snacks.

People all over Japan hope for clear skies at each Tanabata festival. In bad weather, the lovers, according to legend, can’t find each other.

Happy Tanabata to all who celebrate! Wishing you all the best of luck.

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