Serial Entrepreneur, m Creative Director and Instagram Personality, Steven Branco to launch: Content House

Serial Entrepreneur, m Creative Director and Instagram Personality, Steven Branco to launch: Content House

Steven Branco has been a successful creative mind working in digital media for over 15 years in Toronto. It seems that anything he touches turns to gold. Whether we are talking about his growing Instagram influence as @Mr.StevenBranco, or his boutique digital media firm Stamina Group Inc., or any of the publications in the Stamina family, Branco has seen success. 


His passion for media began in print, where he worked as a designer of his local newspaper back in highschool. For a lot of his career, he was focused on growing the editorials that we know and love including: SWAGGER Magazine, View the VIBE and Stamina Group’s newest editorial: WanderEater Magazine. 


“I have always been passionate about storytelling. My experience working on the digital publications was invaluable, I made a lot of the connections I have now in those years. It also introduced me to taking on the creative director role for editorial campaigns and photo shoots, which was something I was loving.”


Branco found some success on Twitter throughout those years, and admits he was a little late to the game with joining Instagram. Since starting in 2018, Branco has amassed over thirteen thousand followers on the platform. 


“I should have started earlier honestly. Once I realized that Instagram was going to be an essential resource in the digital media world, I knew I had to get onboard. It can be intimidating, putting your entire life online in the way you need to as an influencer. Overall it’s taught me to live more authentically, which ultimately is a blessing.”


As 2022 begins, plans to launch the Stamina Group Content House are underway. Toronto’s first state of the art Smart content house. Set to open some time in the Spring, Branco was clearly excited about his newest project.


“The house is 4 floors in total, so needless to say there will be a lot of space. It will feature 2 full Kitchens, the Great Room, Dining Room, Library, 2 Outdoor Living Areas and a rooftop Terrace. We will also have 2 fully equipped soundproof podcast rooms, seamless background studio areas and 3 workstations all with daylight and controlled lighting. Oh… and a bonus, there’s parking!”

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