Qatar National Day: Google doodle celebrates the Founder’s Day

Qatar National Day: Google doodle celebrates the Founder’s Day

Founder’s Day, or Qatar National Day, is celebrated in today’s Doodle. Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani took over as the ruler of Qatar on this day in 1878. He brought the tribes of the area together and formed the fundamental principles of the present State of Qatar. He is regarded as the country’s founding father.

Doha, the nation’s capital, celebrates National Day with a colourful a procession through the centre of town. Spectators gather to watch airborne displays in which colourful water jets dance to the beat of the music. Similar to the one in today’s Doodle, houses and buildings are decorated with the white and maroon national flag. The colours stand for the pride, loyalty, and solidarity that define Qatar.

The national food, machbūs, is a popular choice for the celebration lunch that Qataris could have with family and friends later in the day. Seasoned rice paired with slow-cooked lamb or chicken is an everyday meal seen nearly everywhere in the nation. Fiestas end with fireworks lighting up the night sky.

Happy National Day, Qatar!


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