Pani Puri: Google doodle honors a popular South Asian street food

Pani Puri: Google doodle honors a popular South Asian street food

The present interactive game Doodle celebrates pani puri — a famous South Asian road food made of a crispy shell stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas, flavors, or stews and flavoured waters. What’s more, there’s an assortment of pani puri for everybody’s taste buds! On this day in 2015, a restaurant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, set a new world record by offering 51 different flavors of pani puri!

Due to the numerous regional variations that can be found throughout India, this snack goes by a variety of names. In Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, the snack-sized street food known as pani puri is made with sprouts, boiled chickpeas, and a white pea mixture dipped in tangy and spicy pani. The potato and chickpea-filled dessert known as gol gappe or gol gappa is served in the northern Indian states of Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, and New Delhi. It is dipped in water that has the flavor of jaljeera. The name puchkas or fuchkas is utilized in West Bengal and portions of Bihar and Jharkhand, with the critical element for this assortment being tamarind pulp.

Legend has it that Draupadi, a newlywed, invented pani puri when she was challenged to feed five men with limited resources in the epic Mahabharata. Draupadi got creative with a small amount of wheat dough and some leftover aloo sabzi (potatoes and vegetables). She filled little bits of seared batter with the potato and vegetable blend. Pani puri was born as a result.

However there are a wide range of sorts of filling and pani for everybody’s exceptional range, there are two things everybody can settle on: eat the pani puri rapidly to stay away from the puri getting saturated or spilling, and consistently eat it in one nibble to stay away from a brittle wreck.

Play the present interactive game Doodle, and assist a road merchant with joining take care of requests for pani puri. To keep each customer satisfied, select puris based on their preferred flavor and quantity. Let’s get serving now!

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