NFL Football: The Best 5 Chocolate Desserts on National Chocolate Day

NFL Football: The Best 5 Chocolate Desserts on National Chocolate Day

While fall imparts delicate shades on the leaves, the NFL season piques our interest with its allure of football success and, well, chocolate. It’s true what you just read!

This year on Saturday, October 28, National Chocolate Day makes a pleasant return. To be honest, though, we don’t need a calendar-related excuse to indulge in chocolate. This is a year-round, in-season celebration.

NFL stadiums are stepping it up this football season with a menu of decadent chocolate delights. This is a playbook of the best five chocolate desserts that will make your game day experience even more enjoyable.

1. Frozen Hot Chocolate

U.S. Bank Stadium hosts the Minnesota Vikings

Explore the chilly confines of third-floor gourmand Andrew Zimmerman’s Canteen in Minneapolis, where the Frozen Hot Chocolate defies both the traditional hot chocolate recipe and the rules of thermodynamics. It’s the ideal partner to maintain your cool when Kirk Cousins and the Vikings light up the field.

2. Dessert Nachos

Lions Ford Field, Detroit

Tradition gets a delicious twist at Ford Field. With fried tortilla chips coated in sugar and cinnamon, wrapped in chocolate-covered Michigan cherries, Nutella sauce (smoked chocolate cherry), sprinkles and a heap of whipped cream, the Dessert Nachos are a flavorful fiesta. A delicious touchdown in a bowl!

3. Fudge Puppies

Pittsburgh Steelers: Acrisure Stadium

Meet the cutest new player on the pitch, the Fudge Puppies, Steeler Nation. Sections 108, 124, 130, 134, 138, and 524 are home to these crispy waffles that have been dipped in chocolate and coated with M&Ms. They’re the playful newcomers that are prepared to challenge your taste buds.

4. Chocolate-glazed Timbits from Tim Horton’s

Buffalo Bills at New Era Field

Let Tim Horton’s Chocolate Glazed Timbits be the sweet field goal to your taste buds as you cheer on the Buffalo Bills at New Era Field. Every mouthful tastes like a mini victory of delicious chocolate.

5. Chocolate Chip Cookie

Los Angeles Rams/Chargers – Fairfax Stand at SoFi Stadium

The basic chocolate chip cookie becomes a star quarterback at Fairfax Stand. With each bite, this classic play delivers a flavour touchdown that is crisp on the outside and chewy in the middle, all wrapped up in a nostalgic plastic wrapper.

Adding a touch of chocolate appears to up the stakes in the thrilling NFL, where every yard gained is a combination of hard work and glory. So treat your taste buds to the confections at these NFL stadiums this National Chocolate Day while teams argue over helmets. It’s about toasting to the delicious symphony of chocolate among the thunderous echoes of football cheers—it’s not just about the touchdowns and tackles. After all, chocolate is the sweetest play there is in the big picture of life and football!


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