NCC Day 2023: Everything you should know about the Indian Army’s youth branch, the National Cadet Corps

NCC Day 2023: Everything you should know about the Indian Army’s youth branch, the National Cadet Corps

On November 27, 2023, the National Cadet Corps (NCC) will celebrate its 75th anniversary. It is based in New Delhi, India, and functions as the young wing of the Indian Armed Forces. The NCC, which is voluntary and open to high school and college students, is a Tri-Services Organisation that includes the Army, Navy, and Air Force. Cadets receive basic training in the military, which includes drills and handling small arms.

Why is NCC Day Observed?

Every year, NCC Day is marked to honour the original goals and tenets of this important youth group. Duty, loyalty, devotion, and selflessness are all embodied in the NCC’s slogan, Unity and Discipline. Beyond these tenets, the Indian government recognises the NCC as a major forum for international engagement. It is amazing that NCC cadets have participated in youth exchange programmes with over 25 countries for more than 40 years, acting as ambassadors of peace and harmony.

How is NCC Day Celebrated?

On NCC Day, different NCC units unite together throughout India. Cadets demonstrate their discipline, marching skills, and dedication at energetic rallies held in cities like Delhi and Kolkata. The festivities stand for the NCC’s joint dedication to raising disciplined and responsible children.

The National Cadet Corps’s goal

Developing society’s moral, intellectual, and physical aspects is the NCC’s main goal. It seeks to shape people into fully realised human beings who are dedicated to community service and have a strong sense of social responsibility. The association aggressively supports social harmony, national integration, and solidarity among the country’s youth.

What Do NCC Cadets Do?

The NCC is India’s top youth training facility, emphasising the development of a selfless service mentality. It is the biggest youth organisation in the nation, and its goals are to promote national integration, develop leadership skills, and build character. NCC cadets engage in a variety of activities, such as:

Parades and Drills:

Organising and carrying out drills on the weekends to foster discipline.

Educational Programs: 

Learning a variety of topics, including first aid, cleanliness, personal hygiene, and environmental awareness.

Community Service:

actively taking part in blood drives in order to improve the general well-being of society.

Recreational Activities:

Organising social concerns lectures, picnics, and military parades to foster awareness and camaraderie.

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