Lunar New Year 2020 (Vietnam)

Lunar New Year 2020 (Vietnam)

In Vietnam, each lunar year is spoken to by one of twelve creatures in the turn of the Vietnamese zodiac schedule—and 2020 is the Year of the Rat!

The present Doodle celebrates one of the most critical national occasions in Vietnam, Tết Nguyên Đán (Tết for short)⁠, or the nation’s recognition of the Lunar New Year. It portrays the narrative of the fabulous race that earned the rodent its head spot in the schedule.

As indicated by old legend, a ruler moved various creatures to race through the land to decide their request in the Zodiac. Because of his size, the rodent realized it couldn’t cross a waterway all alone, so he hitched a ride on the water wild ox’s back. Yet, just before arriving at the contrary shore over a stream, the rodent at that point astutely jumped off—winning ahead of everyone else in the race and therefore the zodiac schedule!

Regularly saw as an open door for fresh starts, this multi-day festivity assembles friends and family as they anticipate the year to come, maybe while getting a charge out of new bloom blooms and sharing some customary clingy rice cakes.

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