Lenka Franulic: Google doodle celebrates the 115th Birthday of 1st Chilean woman to be formally recognised as a journalist

Lenka Franulic: Google doodle celebrates the 115th Birthday of 1st Chilean woman to be formally recognised as a journalist

Get the scoop on Lenka Franulic — the present Doodle celebrates the first woman officially recognized as a Chilean journalist. On this day in 1908, Franulic was brought into the world in Antofagasta to Croatian foreigner parents.

Franulic was a pioneer for women since early on. At her secondary school, young ladies were expected to require one less year of humanities than boys, and on second thought utilize an opportunity to learn housework. At only 15 years of age, she kept in touch with the Service of Schooling and mentioned that she and a few friends require the 6th year very much like their male counterparts. Her solicitation was allowed and she went to the kid’s school. This was historic in light of the fact that this was the first case of boys and girls sharing a classroom in Chile.

She went to the University of Chile in Santiago to study English, which prepared her for her first formal journalist job translating articles at Hoy magazine. At one more magazine under a similar distributing house, Ercilla, she mentioned to move to the revealing scene. The chief had misgivings about a woman reporter, and he entrusted her to get a interview with a known individual for not conversing with journalists. Franulic succeeded, and she began to get more critical and complex tasks. She talked to local and international politicians, including three Chilean presidents, over the next few years, and she became one of the most important interviewers in the country.

Having set up a good foundation for herself as a journalist, Franulic proceeded to fill in as a reporter for radio stations, including Nuevo Mundo, Nacional, Cooperativa, and Agricultura y Minería. She likewise became overseer of the magazines Eva and Ercilla, formally demonstrating that ladies can not exclusively be columnists, yet hold leadership roles directing crafted by different journalists.

Franulic made the Círculo de Periodistas, an association that attempted to make news-casting a higher education. In 1953 she co-founded the School of Reporting at the College of Chile, the primary in the country. She was awarded the National Journalism Award a few years later. Since 1963, Chile’s National Association of Women Journalists has given the “Lenka Franulic Award” to a woman journalist who has produced work of exceptional quality.

She is associated with her feminist writing and attitude, elevating journalism, and being the main gutsy lady to break into the male-dominated industry. Much thanks to you for pushing boundaries, Lenka Franulic!

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