International Tea Day 2023: Know Date, History and Health Benefits of Tea

International Tea Day 2023: Know Date, History and Health Benefits of Tea

On May 21st, International Tea Day is a worldwide celebration of the long history and cultural significance of tea. The day additionally means to bring issues to light of the significance of tea in battling appetite and neediness, as well as the manageable creation and utilization of tea.

Tea is one of the most famous drink on the world, with more than 2 billion cups drank consistently. Over fifty nations cultivate it, and the global tea industry employs millions of people. Additionally, many developing nations rely heavily on tea for their income.

In 2019, the 21st of May was designated as International Tea Day by the General Assembly of the United Nations. The day provides an opportunity to highlight the numerous advantages of tea and celebrate its popularity.

Here are a few benefits that are associated with tea consumption.

Reduced risk of diseases

The components in green tea have been shown to lower the risk of developing cancer. A compound in green tea called EGCG is an antioxidant that can improve the health of people with skin, lung, colon, and other types of cancer as well as lower the risk of certain types of cancer. Utilization of unsweetened dark tea can likewise diminish glucose levels, as expanded levels lead to take a chance of stoutness and heart illnesses. It likewise decreases the gamble of stroke and diminish pulse.

High in antioxidants

Antioxidants are known to lower the risk of a number of diseases and offer numerous health benefits. According to a study, they not only lower the risk of chronic disease and remove free radicals, but they also lower the risk of diabetes, cholesterol, and body fat. This makes tea a solid option in contrast to many handled drinks.


Unlike tea, which does not have a taste that will bore someone over time, Variety Coffee comes with a flavor that may bore someone over time. There are many flavors of tea, each with its own set of advantages. Green tea is known to support weight reduction and hydration. Caffeine in black tea may shield the lungs from cigarette smoke. White tea reduces cancer risk thanks to its anticancer properties. Tea made from chamomile may reduce kidney and nerve damage and help prevent vision loss.

Mental health benefits

Tea has assisted numerous with staying cool and some incline toward a warm cup of tea following an upsetting day. Normal tea buyers have a lower chance of getting Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenrative illnesses. It helps many people improve their memory and prevent cognitive decline. Tea consumption has the healthy benefit of improving focus, which can help one perform better at work and in many other areas of life.


Tea is more hydrating than coffee, which is a diuretic that dehydrates the body. According to a study, tea can provide the same amount of hydration as water by drinking six to eight cups per day. Tea consumption also improves oral health and lowers the risk of periodontal disease and cavities.

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