International Day of Families 2021: Know Theme, History, Significance of the day

International Day of Families 2021: Know Theme, History, Significance of the day

The International Day of Families is denoted each year on fifteenth May. A United Nations-assigned day, the International Day of Families, focuses on key issues central to the well-being of families across the world like health, education, children’s rights, gender equality, work-family balance and social inclusion among others.

Family is the one support system that consistently remains with us. They comprise of the main individuals in our day to day existence that will be with us, no matter what.

The Covid pandemic has suddenly pressed the pause button on the every day schedule of individuals’ lives. Lockdowns forced families to remain at home. Schools have been closed and offices shut. Technology became the best way to keep in touch with loved ones. Tip-toeing in the virtual space seems to have become the dominant activity for large numbers of us. New technologies are currently the lone way out.

Theme of International Day of Families 2021:

This year, the theme is ‘Families and New Technologies.’ The Commission for Social Development thought of this topic in its 59th meeting. It needs to focus on technological developments and what they can mean for families. With COVID-19, digital technology has become the overwhelming center stage in our lives. Megatrends like urban technology, demographic shifts, urbanization, migration trends, etc, affect how families around the globe live and exist.

History of International Day of Families:

In 1983, the United Nations diverted its attention regarding the requirements of families across the world. The Economic and Social Council and the Commission for Social Development asked the then Security-General to raise more awareness about the issues and needs of groups of each sort.

It was in its resolution passed on May 29, 1985, that the General Assembly included a topic, “Families in the Development Process” on the suggestion of the previously mentioned Council.

In December 1989, the organization declared International Day of Families that is praised each year on May 15. Every year has an alternate theme that depicts the changing levels on which familial issues can be focussed upon.

Significance of International Day of Families:

The current year’s International Day for Families focuses a lot on digital technology – both in urban and rural space. Here are a few important facts:

  • Effect of digital technologies on kids at various stages.
  • As study halls have become virtual and remote learning has replaced teacher-student interactions, parents at home have a greater task to carry out.
  • Enabling parents to do this without getting exhausted is likewise one of the key issues.
  • Analysis of technology and its effect on families including equity, access, privacy and online safety.
  • Digital literacy and dissemination of information and awareness.
  • Ensuring mental and physical well-being of parents and kids and, dealing with negative impacts of technology like screen fatigue and cyber security.

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