I’m Happy the Way My Musical Career Is Shaping Up: Rapper Skip DMV

I’m Happy the Way My Musical Career Is Shaping Up: Rapper Skip DMV

Skip DMV, a popular musician and rapper, from Washington DC, is elated with his musical career. Born and raised in this historic city, Skip DMV was always interested in music.

During his childhood days, Skip DMV used to spend a lot of hours listening to pop music, rap and R&B songs. Skip DMV believes in setting the trend. As he grew older, he started enjoying music even more

“I could never imagine that my hobby would become my profession one day. Looking back, everything seems so surreal. Though I was always passionate about music, I hadn’t thought I would come so far. Moreover, finding my tracks on top of radio chartbusters and online musical streaming channels is indeed an amazing feeling,” Skip DMV said.

Skip DMV got a big break when his elder brothers gave him a chance to rap for their group ‘DaFam.’ Gradually, he also started appearing for various shows and musical concerts. The audience not only turned up in large numbers for these shows, but also paved the way for Skip DMV’s success.

The fantastic response from the listeners and audience inspired Skip DMV and his brothers to take music seriously. And soon, Skip DMV not only started appearing in solo music concerts, but also got some golden opportunities to join hands with several famous musicians and artists like Yung Juan, KT, Lil Dream, and among others.

Skip DMV has not only become popular for his eccentric tunes, but also made it to the list of one of the most searched musical artists on online music streaming channels.

Skip DMV had to work really hard to reach where he is today. His life has been full of hardship and other roadblocks. But instead of focusing on those days, he is looking forward to brighter days ahead. Throughout his life, Skip DMV never got distracted by tough days. He always remained hopeful putting all his effort on music and crafts.

“Every time you do something new or try to focus on something positive, negativities will be there. But you need not lose all your hope. You should keep on trying what you love most. And keep chasing your passion. In the initial days, I too had to keep waiting for good offers, but I am happy that once people started loving my work, I am continuously getting good work,” Skip DMV explained.

Skip DMV is the one who believes in turning the roadblocks and various other obstacles into positive opportunities.

Some of Skip DMV’s popular tracks are from the mixtape “Champions”, I Ain’t Playin, What it Does, and Weekend. He has huge online followers on his social networking channels and online music streaming channels as well. His fans are always looking forward to his new songs and tracks. Skip DMV’s social media channels are flooded with fan mails and wishes. Skip DMV also respects his fans and followers. As and when possible he tries to remain responsive on his social media.

The most interesting aspect of Skip DMV’s tracks is how his composition works as pure magic to his fans. Those tracks not only refresh their mood but also reduce the amount of stress from their lives.

Skip DMV feels that his biggest inspiration is seeing smiles on the faces of his fans and followers. He believes that if his composition and tracks make his fans elated, he’ll consider it as a big achievement.

Skip DMV is now fully focusing on producing quality tunes and tracks. He prefers rap, hip-hop, and pop music. He is also grateful to his fans and followers for showering him with enormous love and respect ever since he has made his career in music.

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