’s CEO Hicham Sbaa Announces Partnership With Omni Agency’s CEO Hicham Sbaa Announces Partnership With Omni Agency has recently announced partnership with Omni Agency, a blockchain community management & nurturement company. Omni provides clients with solutions for nurturing their community towards target goals. The partnership aims to bring a new range of content consultancy offerings to blockchain ventures, with emphasis on content creation and audience acquisition strategies. Together, the companies believe in supporting the crypto market and its applications. and Omni Agency are focused on supporting clients seeking to break through to industry prominence. The partnership offers an ecosystem that will help crypto ventures achieve their desired reach with bespoke marketing execution. Both Omni Agency and realize the importance of industry-specific expertise to improve social media presence and generate marketing strategies that work.

What will the partnership entail? will continue to fulfill its purpose of providing digital solutions to clients working in blockchain. Omni Agency will undertake a progessive and collaborative role with the company, specializing in content creation, social media management, and community management.’s founder and CEO Hicham Sbaa is ecstatic about the move. He believes that the partnership with Omni will allow to more robustly support and help blockchain projects achieve their goals . The digital ecosystem will surely benefit from the partnership as it continues to move toward digital supremacy.

About Omni Agency

Omni Agency is a digital consultancy offering services in digital content creation, strategy formulation and execution, community management, and social media marketing. It believes in expanding your digital representation and supporting your progressive growth in the market.

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About is your go-to blockchain PR agency. It is a multi-service provider that works with crypto and blockchain projects, offering business solutions for productivity, profitability, and efficiency. provides digital services to help projects of all levels grow and improve their standards within the digital ecosystem.

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