Hungary National Day: Google doodle celebrates Revolution Day

Hungary National Day:  Google doodle celebrates Revolution Day

Today’s Doodle celebrates Revolution Day and Hungary’s National Day. On this day in 1848, a gathering of loyalists, including writer Sandor Petőfi, accumulated before the Hungarian Public Gallery to address the country. They made the 12 Points of the Pest Revolution, a list of demands for democratic rights that is widely regarded as one of the most significant texts in Hungary.

Today, Hungarians wear tricolor identifications called kokárdas that represent public pride. The colors of Hungary’s national flag are represented by the red, white, and green ribbons in today’s Doodle. The three national virtues are represented by the colors: red signifies power, white faithfulness, and green hope. The flag of Hungary is displayed on homes and buildings all over the country.

The main celebrations of the day take place at the Hungarian National Museum, where local officials deliver speeches and the crowd sings Petfi’s Nemzeti dal (The National Song). Citizens pay tribute to those who bravely fought for their freedom in 1848 after a ceremony to raise the flag in front of the Parliament Building.

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