Google doodle honors the Indonesia’s Lake Toba, world’s largest crater lake

Google doodle honors the Indonesia’s Lake Toba, world’s largest crater lake

Today’s Doodle honours Indonesia’s Sumatra island’s Lake Toba, also known as Danau Toba. It is one of the deepest lakes on World and the largest crater lake in the world. A major volcanic explosion from the Toba Caldera thousands of years ago naturally produced Lake Toba. Along with its stunning natural scenery, Lake Toba is the location of a UNESCO Global Geopark. Lake Toba was named a UNESCO Global Geopark on this day in 2020.

Lake Toba was formed more than 74,000 years ago by the eruption of the Toba Caldera. The volcano’s magma chamber collapsed as a result of the mega-eruption, eventually forming the island that is now known as Samosir. There are various Indigenous ethnic communities living on the island, which is a popular tourist destination.

The indigenous Batak Toba people, who originally occupied the lake, must also be honoured as part of the celebration of Lake Toba. They draw curious tourists from far and wide to their traditional towns, which are filled with local marketplaces and amazing homes. Authentic wood carving souvenirs and traditional dancing, such as the Tor-Tor, are frequently seen in the villages.

For a variety of outdoor activities and amazing natural beauty, Lake Toba is a popular tourist destination. While those who enjoy the sea can unwind on the beaches or kayak through the lake, those who are not afraid of heights can go paragliding while they are at Huta Ginjang. Also rumoured to be an incredible experience that erases all anxieties is the nearby Sipiso-piso waterfall.


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