Google doodle celebrates the Vietnam’s National Day

Google doodle celebrates the Vietnam’s National Day

Today’s Doodle honours Vietnam’s National Day. On this day, people gather to celebrate the hard-won freedom of the nation. Thousands of people gathered in Ba Nh Square on this day in 1945 to hear the country’s first president read the Declaration of Independence aloud to reaffirm the the nation’s sovereignty.

Today, the historic square is the site of numerous celebrations. People gather to observe a national parade that includes soldiers, women wearing in the traditional áo dài, and colourful floats dedicated to the first president. Speeches, flag salutes, and torchlight processions are also frequent. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is close to Ba Nh Square, and many people go there to learn more about Vietnam’s journey for independence or to honour the revered leader by laying flowers and flags at his grave.

The four-day holiday this year makes National Day especially ideal for family get-togethers and travel. Many individuals travel to their hometowns, pay visits to family members, or discover new locations in Vietnam (much like visiting the location in today’s Doodle!). The vibrant red flag with a central gold star, which serves as a symbol of Vietnamese patriotism, is displayed on buildings such as homes, temples, and shops.

Happy Vietnam National Day!


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