Google doodle celebrates the Uganda’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Uganda’s Independence Day

The Google Doodle for today honours Uganda’s Independence Day. After spending 70 years under British rule, the African country attained independence. Uganda was formally recognised as a free state by the world community on this date in 1962.

Ugandans gather at the Kololo Ceremonial Grounds in Kampala to witness the president address the future of their nation as the celebrations get underway there. Following speeches, joyful dancers and upbeat bands parade across the city. Later, people gather with their loved ones for traditional dinners like the national dish matoke, which consists of beef served over mashed and steaming bananas.

Today, the national flag of Uganda, depicted in today’s Google Doodle, appears proudly throughout the nation. With a central crested crane, it has six stripes in three different colours. Yellow stands for sunshine, crimson denotes fraternity, and black represents the nation. On the day when Uganda attained independence, the flag was officially recognised.

Happy Independence Day, Uganda!


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