Google doodle celebrates the Tunisia’s National Day

Google doodle celebrates the Tunisia’s National Day

Wear red and white! Today’s doodle celebrates Tunisia’s National Day. On this day in 1956, Africa’s northernmost country officially gained freedom, almost ending her century-long French colonial protectorate.

A parade will be held in the capital city of Tunis to mark the historic day. Government officials and citizens will also participate in wreath-laying ceremonies in memory of those who fought for freedom. Like today’s graffiti, Tunisians decorate their homes and buildings with the national flag all over the country. A crescent moon and stars are drawn on a white and red background.

Families may spend the holidays with loved ones and prepare dishes such as couscous. The fluffy semolina is often served with meat stews and is popular throughout Tunisia. At night, many people gather to watch the fireworks light up the night sky. This holiday reminds Tunisians to continue their fight for freedom and democracy.

Happy National Day, Tunisia!

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