Google doodle celebrates the Tanzania Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Tanzania Independence Day

Tanzania Independence Day is honoured in today’s Doodle. The nation of East Africa attained official independence on this day in 1961. Following their declarations of independence, the islands of Zanzibar and Tanganyika united to form Tanzania.

Dar es Salaam hosts a large audience for a flag-raising event to celebrate Independence Day, which is seen in today’s Doodle. Tanzania’s national flag has a yellow-outlined diagonal back stripe that splits the triangles that are blue and green. It stands for the riches of agriculture and minerals, as well as the Indian Ocean. Following talks and workshops by government officials, soldiers and military vehicles march through the city centre, drawing large crowds along the street.

Some might spend the day with family and friends, while others would go to concerts at the national stadium that feature cultural dances. Enjoying national specialities like ugali, which is dough mixed with cornmeal and cassava flour and eaten with meat and fish, is very popular.

Tanzania, happy Independence Day!


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