Google doodle celebrates the St. David’s Day in Wale

Google doodle celebrates the St. David’s Day in Wale

This handcrafted Doodle honors Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Sant, or St. David’s Day in Wales! The tale of Dinas Emrys, according to which two dragons were engaged in combat in a lair below the king’s castle, caused the castle to collapse multiple times, serves as the basis for the artwork. The red dragon eventually won and came to represent Welsh pride. The flag is flying over the country these days.

Every year on this day, people from all over the world with Welsh roots honor their cultural identity. Many people show their Welsh pride by carrying Welsh national symbols such as leeks and daffodils.

Parades and festivals are held in many towns and cities in Wales, the biggest examples being Cardiff and Swansea. Some schools choose St David’s Day to host the Eisteddfodau, a traditional poetry and music competition celebrating ancient Welsh verse.

As winter turns to spring, there’s no better way to celebrate St. David’s Day than to gather with loved ones and enjoy a piping hot bowl of caul (a hearty lamb stew) or rarebit (open-faced hot cheese on a bun). The best way to spend your time is to enjoy the food (on top of it). Sweet Welsh cake.

Happy St. David`s Day to everyone of Welsh descent! Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus!

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