Google doodle celebrates the Senegal’s Independence Day

Google doodle celebrates the Senegal’s Independence Day

Today’s doodle celebrates Senegal’s Independence Day, also known as the “Gateway to Africa”. On this day in 1960, the Federation of Mali, which included the regions of Senegal and French Sudan, was dissolved and Senegal officially became an independent state.

Celebrations begin with a flag-raising ceremony in the capital, Dakar, honoring those who fought for the country’s independence. Vertical striped flags like the one seen in today’s work decorate buildings and homes across the country. Green represents religion, yellow represents prosperity, and red symbolizes the sacrifices made for freedom.

Citizens sing the national anthem “Le Lion Rouge” (or “Red Lion”) before traditional Mubarakkus music fills the air. In the afternoon, it’s popular to attend lively festivals and concerts. Loved ones may gather for national favorites such as jollof, tiboudienne, a delicious version of his rice, vegetables, and fish.

Happy Independence Day, Senegal!

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